Time to Catch-up!

So, am sorry that I have been away for so long. My personal life just seemed to explode the day after I wrote my last blog. My Grandfather was admitting to hospital and I have been tending to him and my Grandmother ever since, on top of that my day job, my school and my family… So something had to give and that was my writing.

We are back and ready to go, better than ever!

Here’s the topic for today — Identify a pressing problem in your industry and provide the solution.

A pressing problem in this industry is people being taken advantage of. I have walked into a business and seen more staff than is really needed. Mind you keeping the fraud blog in mind… You do need more than one person.

So take for instance. A business I worked for… The had one person doing only what they called Human Resources, one person doing AP, another doing AR, yet someone else entering the inventory received, a warehouse Manager to count it, stock boy to put it out and five sales guys standing behind a counter WAITING for someone to come in to sell to…

WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? This is something I see all too often. People in businesses like mine tell business owners that they need a certain amount of money to do something and then milk it for all they can.

A friend of mine is paying someone $300/month to do payroll twice a month (for five people, with a software program) and taxes, which are generally set out amounts that you run a cheque for. My friend was flabbergasted when I informed him that I would charge $20/hr and it might take three hours a month…

A lot of businesses want to have a few clients who pay big… But remember the blog about diversifying your client base!

Don’t be stupid about charging your clients, don’t be stupid about over-paying! Do some research… Have a number of small paying clients, it might be more work but it is security in the end.

I hope you have enjoyed this…

Thanks for being patient and for coming back… Stay tuned there will be more where this came from!

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